I am a stay-at-home mom of two kids who has always been passionate about organizing, decluttering and cleaning.

Ever since I was little, I took pride in keeping my bedroom, closet and dresser in tip-top shape. It has always been a passion of mine and something I love to do.

I have continued my diligent behavior into my adult life. Now I am providing my klutter busting aid to others who need to reorganize and eliminate the chaos in their lives.



I am a Domestic Engineer. I have earned that prestigious title as a stay-at-home mom for the past 22 years. I had five children within six years. In order to keep our household running smoothly, I always had to be organized, but it came very naturally to me.

I realized that I couldn't do everything for my kids all the time, so I had systems in place around the house so they could be independent and find their belongings without my help.

It doesn't take much effort to get organized, but it really can make the world of difference in your life! Let me come and share my organizational skills with you. You won't be disappointed!



Our garage had gotten to the point where it was just a "catch all", taking over every inch of free space with clutter. I was so embarrassed to have people see it, and dreaded opening the door because it made me feel completely overwhelmed.

I can't believe you were able to transform all our piled up "collectibles" into such an ordered space...amazing.

I am very happy; you've motivated me to get the rest of my home organized. I'm now making plans for my kitchen!

Forever grateful!

Nancy F.





My unsolicited testimonial for Klutter Buster…

I (like many people) wanted to make their garage a usable space again…maybe park another car…or even walk through the garage without snapping an ankle.

I (like many people) had been meaning to get it organized and cleaned up…I just needed a catalyst to make it happen. That’s where Klutter Buster came in.

The Klutter Buster team of Becca and Marianne walked in (like The Wolf in Pulp Fiction) and took over the project. Within five minutes I’m watching and this dynamo of energy run through my garage: “This stays, this goes…do you really want that…can we move this over hear?”

The answer for every question I asked was “YES”. Can you haul this away (yes), can we store boxes on the ceiling (yes), can we find a home for the paddleboard I never ride (yes), can you take away the workbench (yes)…and most importantly, can I make a little room for my wine and get it out of cardboard boxes (the answer was yes and please see the attached picture).

I need easy…I want easy in my life and that’s exactly what the Klutter Buster team provided…Give them a call and they’ll give you your garage back.

Manhattan Beach, CA






I have a new life starting today after the Klutter Busters have been here!!  They transofrmed my packed storage room that was a thorn in my side every time I walked past it into a well organized functioning "delight to be in room".  I now have 2 work stations and can locate anything I need because everything is so nicely labled, easy to locate and very accessible.  I can't wait to have them back to tackle another room!

Thanks ladies!"

Cathy H.
Manhattan Beach, CA

"I am so glad I called Klutter Buster! My organization has been jump started. I knew where to find my thank you cards!
Thank you from the inside of my disorganized heart."

-Patricia Jones
Redondo Beach, CA

"Wow.  Becca and Marianne just left my house and what an experience.  I was clearly a bit embarrassed by my kitchen and garage and they could not have made me feel more relaxed about it.  They were fast, professional and even went above and beyond by organizing other areas of my living space that needed desperate attention.  They truly love what they do.  The coolest part of the whole experience is that they helped me organize by learning about my daily life.  They didn't just put things into bins.  They asked about my day to day life and put things that I use more often into the forefront so that it's easily accessible.  The moment I walked back into my kitchen to get acquainted with how things were organized, I just felt.... relieved.  Thank you Becca and Marianne!"

-Steven Ijams
Redondo Beach , CA

"My Christmas gift to myself this year was a to have Becca and Marianne from Klutter Buster come tackle my messy garage, and storage confusion. In one day between the hours of 9 and 4, they achieved a miracle- sorting all the years of stuff! They surveyed my indoor storage, made a plan, had a contractor come and measure for shelving, and then made it happen. They are an incredible team! I now am using my space so much more effectively and everything has a home. I never thought I could park in my garage again. This was the best thing I ever did for myself and my family. Thank you Klutter Buster! "

-Jennie Linthorst
Manhattan Beach , CA

"We had just moved into our new home, and as can be expected, everything was a mess. I called Klutter Buster for help. They exceeded my expectations. They were punctual, professional, and creative. They transformed both our den and garage into functional and kid friendly spaces. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends or to call upon them again for our family's needs."

-Ellen Scott
Manhattan Beach , CA

"We were blown away with what you ladies did in just two days. With two young kids and A LOT of stuff, you were the catalyst that helped us feel organized, clean and best of all calm in what can be one of life's most stressful times. Not only will we definitely use you in the future for other moves, but I am so glad to know about your services for that annual "spring cleaning". Your service is a gift, and you two are a pleasure to work with."

-Molly and Chuck Ursini
Manhattan Beach , CA

"We can now access our garage and use our storage room! Your services were fast and very professional. Thank you so much for all of your help!"

-Susan Billards
Manhattan Beach , CA

"Thank you for helping me finally weed out my excess clothes. I now actually know  what I have in my closet to wear, and things are no longer buried deep inside my closet. I feel liberated!"

-Wendy Giller
Hermosa Beach , CA

"Klutterbuster was extremely efficient, organized, and resourceful in quickly turning our play area from an eyesore into a neater, reorganized functional space. They also helped to make our living room "livable" again and cleared the toy clutter from our other living spaces. They had great ideas, did their research, were patient and flexible. Their outgoing and positive personality makes them a pleasure to work with. What a gem of a referral! We will definitely recommend them to friends/acquaintances, and will not hesitate to use their help again in the future."

-Mylien Rackett
Manhattan Beach , CA